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The Concept

THE AXS concept

 Hampshire (UK) based AXS Records multimedia productions
provide you with a wide range of professional high quality multimedia productions


We can provide you with:

Web Design, Graphic Design, Logos, Stationary, Leaflets and Posters.

We also compose and produce a wide range of popular music styles from House to Hip Hop, Pop, Dance and Classical productions.

Radio Spots, TV-Video and Website Advertising Films, Documentaries,

Company Image Films, Audio/Visuals for Live Events and Presentations.

We provide our services for businesses and organisations, groups and individuals.

If you are seeking that perfect and original piece of music, sound effects, the right logo or web design with the look and feel that portrays your message, we can promise you that our productions will be unique to your image or brand.

This will give you, your very own original style bringing your project to life creating authenticity while giving you total flexibility to re-edit, re-arrange and tweak things until you are 100% satisfied with the end result.

 AXS Records create and produce original music compositions written exactly to suite your requirements.


We give you ongoing support and never leave our clients in the dark.

The axs records recording Studio in Hampshire (UK)
AXS Records has a complete cutting edge multimedia studio to cater for digital and analogue recordings and productions and 15 years experience..


Fair Budget > High Quality <


Following a detailed brief to meet your requirements

you will receive a top quality file on CD or DVD as a demo prior to the end or master production and when you are happy with the result,

a professional end mix-down.

High End  analogue & digital studio

please contact:


 Music production, vocal and DJ Workshops more

Gain knowledge and know-how surrounding computer based composing and recording.

Learn how to use sequencers, keyboards and drum machines, samplers. Midi hardware, software and hard disc recording tutorials.

Editing, Mixing, special effects, sound design and creation.

DJ techniques mixing styles and sampler or computer integration into live set-ups.

Insider business information and facts about the entertainment industry.

What you need to to get gigs and deals.

Inspiration and Creation:

Maybe you need some music for a film or documentary, an exhibition, or perhaps, you just intend to realise and record your song ideas or instrumental tracks and inspirations.

AXS Records and Quade Film are your key to Sound & Vision.


AXS, is pronounced as in "access" =  entrance or the way "IN"... into the entertainment business!

If you are a Musician-Artist, Band, DJ or a singer-songwriter, don´t hesitate to contact us.

 AXS Records has open ears and open doors for creative newcomers as well as professionals of various popular music trends.

We Offer: 

very fair pricing for our services.

A stress free and comfortable environment to design your concept

The step from idea to the "final production" is just a beat away!


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